How I Started a Freelance Career

I would love to help people with their new ventures as they turn towards a freelance lifestyle – a career choice that isn’t new but has become more and more attractive over recent years. The best way I can give … Continued

Explorations of a Southern Ghost Factory

My brother and I found an abandoned factory just south of downtown in the King William District. In fact, it sits southbound along the river walk as you’re passing the popular Blue Star Brewery. Of course we couldn’t help but … Continued

Events & Documentary (Page 2)

Jon Becker Bio Video A personality video created for Becker Properties to pass around social media sites. Margarita Monday in San Antonio A web series (about 45 filmed so far) for Becker Properties that combines social media fellowship, networking, and … Continued

Pushing Quality to a New Level.

Lately, Becker Properties (Something Clever’s biggest client) and I have been pushing our videos to a whole new level of professionalism. We’re utilizing the green screen a lot more and bringing in local talent to populate our web promos. We’ve … Continued