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Jacob Wayne Bondesen

Jacob Wayne Bondesen was born in Waco, Texas and has lived along Interstate 35 ever since. Growing up in San Antonio, he started video production at a young age, creating spur-of-the-moment films with his brothers and neighborhood friends in Hollywood Park. He learned a lot from his video professor, Mr. Randolph at Winston Churchill High School.

Jacob Wayne Bondesen

After graduating, Jacob attended The University of Texas at San Antonio for two years studying Communications. He decided to narrow his studies down to Radio, Television and Film at The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in May of 2010, he moved to Grand Teton National Park for a brief stay to clear his mind and form a more objective perspective on where he wanted to go next in life.

Jacob Wayne Bondesen

Setting sights on Austin, Bondesen moved back to San Antonio and worked on the Four Aces ranch near Seguin. Acquiring necessary equipment, he began conducting business under Something Clever Productions which was conceived during college with Bobby Hughey. He started doing real estate videos with Philip Becker and became the Chief Video Producer of Becker Properties, slowly moving onto other similar projects through networking and sharing videos through social media.

Finally, Jacob moved to Austin, where he currently resides, in October of 2011. He has worked with companies and individuals ever since around central Texas, Dallas, and even Houston.

Why does he continue to produce videos?

“I grew up realizing you can create an emotion in someone as they watch a video you’ve made and that’s what drives me – sparking some kind of reaction using images people can watch. I don’t even care if I get credit – if I wasn’t allowed to take credit anymore for my work, I’d continue to produce videos because I’m doing it for that emotion I mention. My main drive continues to be the ability to relate to people on a personal level through images.”

Jacob Wayne Bondesen

WE MAKE Conference Videos

Hello, we are Something Clever Productions, an Austin based company.

We’ve been creating video and photo content for businesses for a number of years now and would like to produce something for you to promote your company.

When it comes to conferences and conventions, attendees are curious about what their experience will be at the event. They want to get the most they can out of the sessions so they plan carefully to the schedule designed by the hosts and speakers.

Our goal is to not only film the speakers and attendees in the convention environment, but we intend to paint the atmosphere by interviewing select attendees after they have finished their conference education. Thus, the video becomes complete with testimonials explaining the advantages of attending the event paired with footage of the chosen location populated by the attendees.

The purpose of filming the event is to be able to recap and show what people missed, but also to promote the next conference whether it’s annual, twice a year, or monthly.

Below are some of the latest conferences (and “unconferences”) we’ve shot and edited.

*unconference – the schedule is created in the morning when the
attendees arrive, they decide the topics and there are no speakers,
only moderators. All people that attend learn from each other.

REBarCamp San Antonio 3
A real estate “unconference” that takes place twice a year in San Antonio.

REBarCamp Nashville
A real estate “unconference” that takes place once a year in Nashville.

REBarCamp San Antonio 2
A real estate “unconference” that takes place twice a year in San Antonio.

Michele Wierzgac – Marketing Speaker
A video made to promote Michele’s own national conference speaking career.

We’ve also made a number of small event videos around Texas that include charities, fundraisers, and moments of activism. Here are a few:

Santa at SAMMinistries

Becker Properties at TREPAC Golf Tournament

Delta Roofa Palooza – Wakeboard Event on Lake Austin

We love to film events and can adapt to any conference, convention or function – no matter the industry. If you have any questions regarding videography or photography, email us at:


We’d like to learn more about your event and discuss specifics to truly
capture what you’d like to be able to show potential attendees.

Refer a friend that’s getting married to Something Clever Productions and get paid! For every wedding project we end up shooting, we’ll give a $75 finder’s fee to the person that referred the couple. That’s $75, or the equivalent of 75 Hot ‘n Spicy McChickens or a few gallons worth of gas! See details below video.

Details: We only pay $75 if the client decides to go with Something Clever Production‘s wedding videography and we successfully shoot their wedding. Help us out and we’ll help you!