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Wedding Venue – Lost Mission

Lost Mission Spring Branch Texas Wedding Venue

Lost Mission is a newly built wedding venue that resembles the San Antonio missions. It is located in Spring Branch, Texas near Highway 46.

Here is a wedding video we’ve done at Lost Mission:

Lost Mission Spring Branch Texas Wedding Venue 2

YPN’s Santa at SAMMinistries

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to go help out at SAMMinistries while they had their “Santa at SAMM” event. It was a chance for families to receive a photo of their children with the legendary Santa Clause. As he landed on top of the SAMM center and stepped off his sled, he told me he felt very privileged to meet all these wonderful kids.

A special thanks goes out to all the people and sponsors that helped out, especially Lorena Pena and Daniel Pruitt for making the event happen. I was excited to capture the occurrence on video and I edited something together a couple days later. Here is the video – I’m glad I got to interview some interesting faces.


Here are some examples of Photoshop images we have created.

Christmas card from a San Antonio law office.

Catch the full article of the above image here.

A sponsorship form for a real estate event.

Logo for a real estate event.

Drink ticket for real estate event.

Business card for a San Antonio real estate agent.

Business card for a San Antonio real estate agent.

Logo for a weekly event in San Antonio.

Flyer for a real estate promotion.

Wakeboard Camp at E.W.

Today I took photos on Lake Austin of Aric Denton and friends teaching children the art of wakeboarding at a summer camp they do every week. There were a lot of skiers out there too, so can’t leave them out. I wanted to share some of the shots I captured. I go back tomorrow to photograph the kids I wasn’t able to see ski earlier this afternoon.

Explorations of a Southern Ghost Factory

My brother and I found an abandoned factory just south of downtown in the King William District. In fact, it sits southbound along the river walk as you’re passing the popular Blue Star Brewery. Of course we couldn’t help but question what the view was like from the top of this thing.

We got a great deal of footage to be archived and we now know of an incredible location for future film projects. As I explored the grimy ruins of the ghost factory, I imagined a group of misfit children using this as their “base”, alerting the others as “intruders” draw near. It’s their fortress, they are the kings of this industrial castle.

Expect an urban exploration video at the end of summer. Below is a bird thing we ran into along the river walk. It alerted us as we passed asking for help. “What is it” you ask? I asked him and even he wasn’t entirely sure.