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WE MAKE Conference Videos

Hello, we are Something Clever Productions, an Austin based company.

We’ve been creating video and photo content for businesses for a number of years now and would like to produce something for you to promote your company.

When it comes to conferences and conventions, attendees are curious about what their experience will be at the event. They want to get the most they can out of the sessions so they plan carefully to the schedule designed by the hosts and speakers.

Our goal is to not only film the speakers and attendees in the convention environment, but we intend to paint the atmosphere by interviewing select attendees after they have finished their conference education. Thus, the video becomes complete with testimonials explaining the advantages of attending the event paired with footage of the chosen location populated by the attendees.

The purpose of filming the event is to be able to recap and show what people missed, but also to promote the next conference whether it’s annual, twice a year, or monthly.

Below are some of the latest conferences (and “unconferences”) we’ve shot and edited.

*unconference – the schedule is created in the morning when the
attendees arrive, they decide the topics and there are no speakers,
only moderators. All people that attend learn from each other.

REBarCamp San Antonio 3
A real estate “unconference” that takes place twice a year in San Antonio.

REBarCamp Nashville
A real estate “unconference” that takes place once a year in Nashville.

REBarCamp San Antonio 2
A real estate “unconference” that takes place twice a year in San Antonio.

Michele Wierzgac – Marketing Speaker
A video made to promote Michele’s own national conference speaking career.

We’ve also made a number of small event videos around Texas that include charities, fundraisers, and moments of activism. Here are a few:

Santa at SAMMinistries

Becker Properties at TREPAC Golf Tournament

Delta Roofa Palooza – Wakeboard Event on Lake Austin

We love to film events and can adapt to any conference, convention or function – no matter the industry. If you have any questions regarding videography or photography, email us at:


We’d like to learn more about your event and discuss specifics to truly
capture what you’d like to be able to show potential attendees.


Here are some examples of Photoshop images we have created.

Christmas card from a San Antonio law office.

Catch the full article of the above image here.

A sponsorship form for a real estate event.

Logo for a real estate event.

Drink ticket for real estate event.

Business card for a San Antonio real estate agent.

Business card for a San Antonio real estate agent.

Logo for a weekly event in San Antonio.

Flyer for a real estate promotion.

Real Estate barcamp San Antonio 2

What is REbarcampSA?

Visit the official site

We just held REbarcamp San Antonio Round 2 yesterday at the Drury Inn & Suites on 1604 in Northern S.A. Although not as many people showed because of Memorial Weekend, the nearly 40 people that made it continued their education in new technologies and things going on in the real estate world. Again, I gave some input during the video class which was led by Chase Thompson of United Lending.

Our panel of extremely successful REALTORS.

Philip Becker of Becker Properties put everything together, although it couldn’t have happened without the help from Prime Lending as the main sponsor among others. Everyone was able to donate a good amount to charity as well.

Below is the REbarcamp San Antonio 2 event video.

Event Photography

Portraits . Events . Outdoors . Travel . Adventure . Discovery

Novak Motorcars Grand Opening in New Bruanfels, Texas

Novak Motorcars Grand Opening - New Braunfels, Texas

RE BarCamp - March 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee

March 2012 at Willie Nelson's Ranch

March 2012 at Willie Nelson's Ranch

Margarita Monday in San Antonio

REbarcamp - October 2011 in San Antonio, Texas

Pushing Quality to a New Level.

Lately, Becker Properties (Something Clever’s biggest client) and I have been pushing our videos to a whole new level of professionalism. We’re utilizing the green screen a lot more and bringing in local talent to populate our web promos. We’ve also been spending a lot more time on the preproduction side, scripting out the advertisements and brainstorming about where to take the brokerage firm with its online presence.

A real estate brokerage firm located in San Antonio, Texas.

Our latest video took us a few hours to film as we walked around one of Becker Properties’ listings, making sure we highlighted every feature of the large, beautiful home. We wanted to provide any potential buyers with not only clear, high resolution photos of the Encino Park house, but a video that captured the entirety of each room with slow pans and smooth camera movement. The voice overs give the viewer more information that isn’t quite apparent in the film. You can see that video here:

A couple weeks before, we began filming a web advertisement that was designed to get new agents that are looking for a brokerage firm to partner with after they get their real estate license. We brought in Melissa Sharps, a friend of mine that works great in front of a camera, to be the talent in this BP commercial. Now that we’ve used the green screen a number of times, we have a technique that works pretty effectively.

The other videos we have been making in March and April have been associated with the REbarcamp that’s coming up in San Antonio. A real estate event that has been started in many cities, we attended the Nashville version that took place on March 29th and I made a video to be used not only to promote the San Antonio “unconference” but I edited a recap video as well so Brian Copeland can use it on his site. He started the Nashville rebarcamp and did a great job this year hosting it for its third round. It was a great time and we met so many people, and reconnected with others – what a great place to network. The first video below is the RE BarCamp Nashville recap video and the second is a promo video for REbarcamp San Antonio which is coming up in May. We’ll do some more promotions as the date gets near – we want this REbarcamp to be magnificent and exciting!

With all that said, Becker Properties and I have really been pushing our video production to a whole new level that will hopefully advance San Antonio real estate videography as a whole. We want to see other videos out there that give those respective brokerage firms exposure and as they get ideas from our films, we will continue to innovate and open new doors for real estate video production.