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Project Pyramid – A Photography/Photoshop Tale

Every year, the law firm Denton, Navarro, Rocha & Bernal, P.C. creates a Christmas card to send to all their clients and anyone they conducted business with over the years. The cards are predominantly ridiculous and hilarious to send the message to their clients that this particular law firm is human and can laugh with you, unlike the stale stereotype the law industry receives.

This year, the concept was to have all the attorneys water skiing in a pyramid behind a boat being driven by the Tasmanian Devil, who is always present in their Christmas cards in some form. I started by taking photographs of each lawyer in front of a green screen set up at each of their three law offices. One is in San Antonio, another in Harlingen, and the last is in Austin, Texas.

San Antonio office.

Harlingen office.

Austin office.

The idea was to make it easier to cut each person out from the background, therefore the green screen came in handy, however it was not necessary. I also had each individual do six different positions, one set that faced the camera straight on and another where they were turned at a 45 degree angle. Within each of the two sets, they had both hands on the handle for one photo, reaching to the right in another, and reaching to the left in the last photo. This way I would have options for where I place each attorney. Next was the boat and the Tasmanian Devil situation in Seguin.

Lake Placid

Seguin set up.

So that was the easy part. Now to cut out every single person perfectly, erasing any green reflections, and making sure each person was in an ideal position based on the people around them. I threw some concepts over to them and they directed my editing in the preferred path. The background with the bridge was supplied by Blake Rabe and I started tossing in all the attorneys, the boat, the wake, the reflection of the boat, the buildings and Taz himself.

Finally, we reached a decision and went with the costumed lawyers at a 45 degree angle, stacked in three layers. As a goof, I made Taz WAY bigger than the boat – but I actually liked it over him remaining small so I sent it. They loved him overpowering the captain seat; they wanted him to stand out. Here is the final image with a couple close ups on the two main elements.

Final Image