Jacob Wayne Bondesen

Jacob Wayne Bondesen was born in Waco, Texas and has lived along Interstate 35 ever since. Growing up in San Antonio, he started video production at a young age, creating spur-of-the-moment films with his brothers and neighborhood friends in Hollywood … Continued

A Patel Wedding Story

Austin, Texas is a great place to tie the knot – Rosalie and Zuber did not hesitate to use the city as the background for their wedding. I was fortunate to be able to videotape their monumental experience at the … Continued

Austin Graffiti Wall

Tucked in a neighborhood just off Lamar sits a vacant lot that has been captured by some of the area’s finest graffiti artists. These colorful writers have turned this jungle of cement and grass into a landmark that is worth … Continued

“Arab Standards” by Brüt Force in Austin, Texas

Brüt Force. The most diabolical duo yet to grace Earth with its presence. It was inevitable that someone would capture their lightning-esque power on camera, and it just so happened to be Something Clever. Brüt Force earned its birthright in … Continued

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