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It’s Time to Hire a Pro
(a web-ad promoting Becker Properties, 2015)

Bigfoot Found
(a Circus Okay skit, 2013)

shot over summer of 2013
edited winter of 2015
Written by Circus Okay
Directed by Wilson West Bondesen
Edited by Jacob Wayne Bondesen
Photography directed by Jacob Wayne Bondesen
Produced by Circus Okay
Wilson West Bondesen as Bigfoot
Jazmyn Durr as Jazmyn
Garrett Hill as Garrett

Top of the Hill
(a modern adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 2011)

shot over summer of 2011
edited winter of 2011/2012
Written, directed, and edited by Wilson West Bondesen
Photography directed by Cory Ring & Jacob Wayne Bondesen
Produced by Andrew Wofford
Hayden Ezzy as Tom
Wilson West Bondesen as Calvin

Common Ground (a western film, 2009)

shot & edited May, 2009
Written, directed, and edited by Jacob Wayne Bondesen
Ryan Preston as Clemens
Aric Denton as Tristan
Ariel Denton as Clementine
Thanks to:
Wilson Bondesen
Blake Rabe
Matt Strom
The Denton Family

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Short Films & Narrative