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Coming Soon: British Virgin Islands

Anegada Cow Wreck Bay

The Captain and Crew

October was a great month for travel as Philip Becker brought a group of his closest friends Southeast to the British Virgin Islands. We stayed on a charted catamaran for 7 nights and finished the trip with a few land days on St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Naturally, I had to take photos and film the entire adventure and I am just now beginning to sift through 48 Gbs of footage to construct a couple different concepts I had thought of while at sea.

Devil's Bay on Virgin Gorda near The Baths

The first video will be a collage of our sea excursion, almost a “best of” complete with original music and voice over that compliments the visuals. The first step is laying out my favorite shots in a comprehensive order with a song I’ve selected to give the video some life. Next, we’ll rerecord the music – in fact, a close friend, Sean Renaghan, wants to record some of his own stuff which I’ll carefully adjust the shots to match the new rhythm (we’ll try to keep the tempo similar to the first temporary song).

Virgin Gorda to Anegada

At Sea in the BVIs

The next step will be to finish writing the voice over script that Philip and myself are working on drawing from our experiences in the islands and our own perspectives on the trip. We’ll record the sound of a voice talent reading the text and lay it into the video project. This will complete the overall feel of the travel video. My favorite part usually falls last but I’ve already started this process: color correction. This step solidifies the vibrance of the video and gives some character to the images.

Earlier I mentioned two different video concepts. The second video will actually be broken down into 3 episodes and will be constructed chronologically. They will be a bit longer and will feature more content primarily intended for viewing by the crew that went on the trip but I’ll most likely upload it to YouTube so we can all share it with friends and family.

Look for the first video soon, I’ve been juggling this with wedding videos, real estate and everything else I’ve been working on – I like to mix up the projects so I keep it interesting and it helps to dive back into a video with a fresh perspective. I look forward to finishing the British Virgin Islands video and hope you can find some interest in it too!

At sea.

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Coming Soon: British Virgin Islands