Austinites Head South to Peru

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Austinites Head South to Peru

Illustrated and painted by Alexa Muraida

Finally wrapped up a video shot by a handful of Austinites and friends that got together to explore the Southern world of Peru and Bolivia. 90% of the footage was captured on a GoPro Alexa Muraida carried across borders to record memories that will be shared with the world. As their explorations showed no boundaries, they formed a tight bond that will last the rest of their lives; this was apparent when I met all of them for the first time (although I’ve known Alexa for quite some time) when we screened the video at Margaret Ann‘s house for the travelers, friends, and family.

I want to share with you guys their experience and what they saw as they discovered a new land of adventure. It was a fun time sifting through the footage and understanding how close they were throughout the trip – I could definitely see the group’s growth from the first clip to the last. The video is almost fifteen minutes long so I decided to break it into episodes. PLEASE WATCH IN HD – Here is the first:

The other two will be coming to YouTube soon and I’ll update this page.

Photo captured by Shannon Wisner

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Austinites Head South to Peru