Wedding Videography – The Smiths

//Wedding Videography – The Smiths

Wedding Videography – The Smiths

It was a pleasure working with the newly wedded Smith family, Alex and Brandon. They tied the knot on October 6th and we captured their wedding event from ceremony to late night reception. As Elisabeth Garlington (the evening’s photographer) had commented, we edited the footage to create an emotional ride from “happy to crying to happy again.” We made this 11 minute video for the couple (see video below) plus all the complete speeches in the Bonus Features of the DVD we provided. Included in this Bonus Feature menu was also the wedding preview, a short “teaser” of the wedding that we edited and uploaded to YouTube a week after the wedding.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Garlington

Find more wedding photos and portraits at Elisabeth’s Facebook.

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Wedding Videography – The Smiths