Delta Roofa Palooza Round 2

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Delta Roofa Palooza Round 2

The second annual Delta Roofa Palooza organized by the same paloozers kicked off right this August. The Dynamic Realtime Players were able to roofa three (plus) wakeboard boats and the recognizable pontoon boat joined. DRP 2 was bigger, louder, and is now etched in the attendee’s brain as the funnest day known to man. With the Digital Related Press, next year will be even bigger.

Like last time, two Dramatic Ridiculous Philmmakers captured footage (Jacob Wayne Bondesen and Blake Rabe) and two videos were edited with the same footage: Rabe cut a version and Bondesen cut one. Be sure to check out both:

Blake Rabe’s version

In this above version, Blake used a song that was remixed by a friend – it works as a music video to the track.

Jacob W Bondesen’s version

In this version, Jacob used copyrighted music for all four minutes despite the second song – one of the DRPers was involved in the track while his Hawaiian Haole boy amigos sang over his guitar.

Different Reels Per filmmaker, you can see the contrast in editing style and even the choices of footage were drastically different at times.

Come to next year’s event.

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Delta Roofa Palooza Round 2