Delta Roofa Palooza – Wakeboard Party

A few weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I went out on Lake Austin to party, wakeboard, camp out and have a good time. Blake Rabe and I (among a couple others) brought our guns and ammunition – his Canon 7D, my Canon T2i, and two of our GoPros. We not only filmed the wakeboard sessions, but the overall experience as well – everyone that was there created a positive atmosphere that showed well in the footage.

Lake Austin

Blake and I decided to share all the footage obtained and create our own edits – we were curious to see how our editing styles differed and the control was the same video resources. Here is the edit I came up with:

And the Blake Rabe edit is found here:

Delta Roofa Palooza – The Blake Rabe Edit

Thanks to everyone that came out and made the experience one to remember. We’ll do it again next year.

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